animation services for various presentation purposes

After the invention of the first photography, at some point came the realisation that still images could be brought to life by playing them quickly one after the other, on a projection screen. Today, with modern technology, we can create not only computer-generated images, but also computer-generated animations. There are different types of animation productions that are typically used for a variety of presentations. Therefore, we offer different animation services to suit the requirements, schedule and budget. Feel free to contact us and we will advise you individually on your wishes and ideas.

Cinemagraphy: Eine einfache Form der Animation

It is the simplest form of animation with a combination of a still image and an attractive moving element that brings life to the image. For example, a moving curtain or flowing water emphasises a calm atmosphere. Moving people, birds or traffic, on the other hand, can show a lively and dynamic environment. With animated sunlight or artificial lighting, we can show how light travels through a space or how light and shadow affect the surrounding buildings or environment. For a project that emphasises nature, we can animate natural moving vegetation with, for example, falling leaves or moving tree branches. A burning fireplace can show warmth of an evening atmosphere before the preliminary weather. Such an animation can also be used as a moving image for websites, for example.


With timelapse we can combine a 3D project with a still timelapse film to show how the project lives in different parts of the day or how it connects with the surrounding environment.
Camera tracking. Camera tracking uses a pre-recorded motion shot and combines it with a 3D generated animation of a project. Camera tracking is usually used for aerial animations where the context of the project is key. However, it can also be used for ground level project animations with the existing environment.

Fully computer generated animation

Every animation needs a unique message, achieved with strong storytelling and stunning visuals. A fully computer-generated animation can be used to show a project in full with an infinite variety of possible lighting atmospheres, objects and materials in an environment that is not yet built. An endless number of camera angles can emphasise different parts of the project, such as materials, furniture, architectural details, special views, shadows and light play. If needed, we can also integrate people to better distinguish the exclusivity of a project. In order to visualise your project as specifically as possible, the clothing is adapted according to your wishes. To round off the overall atmosphere created, we integrate specific sounds, narrators or music depending on the project location and circumstances. The animation can be created as a fly-through or as a walk-through. In this case, the camera moves along a path through the project and its surroundings. Sometimes a combination of full atmospheric stills can be integrated into specific points in the animation roll. With this type of animation, we can combine the full scale of a project, if needed, with the full atmospheric potential of a still image.

Schematic animations

We also offer schematic architectural diagrams or animations for presentation purposes. Often complex projects are best presented with more quantified animations and diagrams than atmospheric animations. When a project is fully animated, the production of still images can also be extracted for print purposes.