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Loomn Team


No image without architecture.

The core of what we do is a passion for architecture. The challenge of giving a project a recognisable face and a language is what drives us every day. Every project brings new challenges, new approaches, new ideas and new partners. We see ourselves as virtual architectural photographers who explore the core of a vision with an expert eye and put it in the best light.




An intensive exchange with the authors about the project and the primary statement of an image is the cornerstone for all our work. Only in a joint teamwork with our clients is it possible to develop a unique and precisely coordinated result according to the needs in order to meet all previously precisely defined requirements.

Here we benefit from our many years of experience and can advise on all aspects. We are a team of experienced engineers and architects, as well as interior and landscape architects, and see ourselves as consultants in both visual and design terms. For us, technically high-quality implementation and artistic brilliance go hand in hand. As architects, we are aware of the responsibility you entrust us with when you create your images. We want to justify this trust through competent and reliable cooperation. In us you will find a knowledgeable partner who can put himself in your shoes and combine complex design ideas in a visualisation at the highest level.

We will be happy to advise you on your options. Contact loomn Architekturvisualisierung now!