Service spectrum

We are a team of experienced architects and engineers and see ourselves as consultants, both figuratively and in terms of design. Over the years, our versatile team has developed experience and expertise in all areas of architectural communication. In us you will find a knowledgeable partner with a wide spectrum of service who can put themselves in your shoes and combine complex design ideas in a visualisation at the highest level.

The goal of our work is not only to produce a photorealistic image of the built future, but to bring the vision of the project creators closer to the viewer on an emotional level. We try to look through the designer's glasses and depict exactly what corresponds to his intention in essence.

We do not see our visualizations as an additional plan element. It is rather the possibility to add another level of emotion and understanding to a project. A statement of intent about factors that are difficult to explain in technical plans. Each project is unique and has its own context. Each building is a prototype in a specific context of environment and demands. Project participants, future users, image and politics are also important building blocks of an original planning and mediation process. In the preliminary stages, we try not only to filter out the project-specific important factors of the building, but also to place the overriding goal and intention of a mediation per se at the center of our work. The question of what is being communicated for and to what end has a fundamental influence on the basic communication strategy of a project. We are your competent partner and combine all areas of architectural communication under one roof.

Thanks to our many years of broad experience, we can provide you with holistic information on the best possible ways and means of communicating in a targeted, market-oriented and user-specific manner. In doing so, we are always exploring new and innovative ways to achieve an overriding goal directly and efficiently. For us, technically high-quality implementation and artistic brilliance go hand in hand. As architects, we are aware of the responsibility you entrust us with. We want to justify this trust through competent and reliable cooperation. loomn Architekturvisualisierung will be happy to advise you on your options.