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Loomn: Professional 3D agency for tailor-made forms of presentation in architectural communication

Architectural communication creates a connection between companies and target groups. An important part in this area is the print and web category. With your target group in mind, we design meaningful layouts and use a wide range of software solutions to achieve the best possible result. The role of architectural visualisations is of particular importance when it comes to presenting the vision of architecture in a meaningful and emotionally binding way.

Print and web
Print and web

Corporate Design: The Importance of Uniformity in Architectural Communication

By corporate design (CD) we mean the uniform design of all means of communication in order to be able to guarantee a high recognition value for the product. This includes brochures, as well as all kinds of print media and, if desired, other accessories. Our working methods are based on a thorough analysis of your company and your planning philosophy. In the course of the work process, we highlight the values and strengths of your project and create an individual and tailor-made corporate design. A high degree of individuality and unique selling points are particularly important to us to ensure that your project stands out and leaves a lasting impression. This approach enables us to bring your vision and identity unmistakably to the point and communicate it to the outside world.

Layouts as the key to the successful presentation of architectural projects

At the heart of any architectural vision are the plans that communicate the design to scale. A good plan fulfils several tasks in order to be remembered by the viewer. On the one hand, it bundles the information that makes up the content of the idea, and on the other hand, it creates the appropriate aesthetics that invite people to engage with the project and identify with it. In accordance with the overall graphic concept, we design suitable plans that support the character of your presentation.


Infografiken und Logos: Die Rolle von Grafiken in der Architekturkommunikation

The importance of meaningful infographics is increasingly becoming the focus of architectural visualisations. They offer clients as well as target groups a simple overview regarding the architects' ideas and plans. Strong logos with recognition value convey a similar message. They summarise your planning project in a targeted and to-the-point manner. The prerequisite for designing successful and appropriate graphics is to understand the history, the background and the message of the project. For this, our clients themselves do not yet need to have a clear idea of the end result or the direction of the presentation. As the process continues, we are in communication with our clients to optimise the graphics to the desired result. Feel free to contact us and we will advise you individually on your wishes and ideas.

As a professional 3D agency, Loomn offers to communicate ideas in the form of brochures of various formats. There are no limits to the creative freedom. We work with you to find the most suitable form of presentation and then implement it with determination. In doing so, we also design concepts with regard to colouring or typography in order to convey your intention to the customer in the best possible way. Through continuous exchange with our clients, we create trust, which we confirm through numerous individual successes. For a successful cooperation, it is not necessary that our clients already know exactly what their final result should look like. Rather, as a team, we make suggestions ourselves and come up with creative ideas.