Loomn - The interdisciplinary agency for architectural communication

No idea too unusual: We will find a suitable form of visualization for every project

In some cases you need a presentation that deviates from and goes beyond the standard services. Often a situation or a product cannot be presented so simply, but needs something special. In our modern world, where 3D printing, virtual reality and real-time visualisation are becoming more commonplace, there is also an increasing need for individual approaches to convince a specific target group. With all these rapid changes, "standard" is not always the best way and you have to look at the issues in more detail.

We are in constant exchange with the industry and regularly attend conferences on the latest technologies and opportunities in our industry. This way we keep our finger on the pulse and are always up to date to provide you with ideas you haven't even thought of yet.


Interdisciplinary agency

Loomn is an interdisciplinary agency for architectural communication. We have all the technical equipment (drones, 360° camera, gimble, full-format cameras, green screen, etc.) and the necessary skills to cover all areas of architectural communication. Accordingly, you have a direct contact person who takes over the entire coordination and implementation for you. It doesn't matter whether the idea is brought to us by an architect, real estate agent, private builder, product developer or freelance artist. In these cases, the most important thing is to focus on the target group that is to be addressed and convinced.  As a rule, the type of presentation and the way it is presented also depend on this target group.

Describe your idea or project to us. Whether by telephone, video conference or in a personal meeting. Together we will discuss the ideal way to implement the desired presentation. We advise and inform you intensively about the possibilities that will make your project shine.


State-of-the-art: Constant expansion and the latest technologies

We don't work within a predefined catalogue, but constantly move with the times to provide you with distinctive and unique results. The world of visualisation and virtual reality is developing rapidly and there is no end in sight. Our range is therefore also constantly expanding and includes the latest technologies.

For example, does your client want a freely rotatable view to better assess the cubature of the building as a whole? Perhaps you don't need an exterior visualisation or a photorealistic façade, but a detailed section through the individual façade layers and floor coverings, as a kind of product visualisation? It should also be possible to freely rotate the section in order to view it from all sides? You want to be able to move the section plane manually? Your client would like to be able to see the shadows cast by a neighbouring building on his site throughout the day? Or a solar study over the course of the day for the façade of a building is of interest? You want a film that combines animated and real filmed sequences?

We can meet all these wishes without any problems! So don't be put off if you can't assign your idea to one of the areas in our range of services. We will also find a suitable form of visualisation for your project, because we are particularly interested in unusual tasks and projects in the field of architectural visualisation. We love the challenge and look forward to your enquiry.