Lloyd Passage Bremen


The construction project to further develop the site of the current Parkhaus Mitte multi-storey parking lot has attracted public and political attention for years. With the decision to draw up development plan 2420 in May 2020, the expectation is that the development on the city-owned site of Parkhaus Mitte will pave the way for the implementation of a sustainable city center.

The objective of the project is clearly defined: Bremen's city center is to develop into a multifunctional and versatile place of experience. The aim is to position itself better in competition with other major cities, rival locations in non-integrated urban areas and online retail.

The distribution of use of the planned building plays a decisive role in achieving long-term success in the current difficult letting situation in Bremen's city center. A mixed-use building structure appears to be the most promising solution. In addition to smaller retail units on the first floor, various offers are to be created in the same area to attract visitors. Gastronomic uses are planned, as well as areas for special cultural or social events on the first floor or second floor. These areas could be booked privately for celebrations, training courses, lectures, performances, conferences and similar events.

A flexible mix of uses is planned from the second floor upwards. Office and co-working space, commercial space, surgeries, consultancy services and other services could be accommodated here. The upper floors are to be reserved for residential use, depending on the lighting situation.

Overall, the building project aims not only to improve the urban development situation, but also to contribute to the attractiveness and future viability of Bremen's city center.