Youth Theater Frankfurt am Main

Hascher Jehle Architecture

The Zoogesellschaftshaus in Frankfurt am Main will soon be transformed into an exciting theater for children and young people. The renowned architectural office HASCHER JEHLE Architektur from Berlin won second prize for the project and will transform the historic building into a modern venue for young visitors. The redesign respects the listed building structure and cleverly combines the history of the building with forward-looking design. Let's take a closer look at the plans.

The Architects

A vision for the children's and youth theater HASCHER JEHLE Architektur has worked intensively on the Zoogesellschaftshaus to develop a concept that both preserves the historical significance of the building and meets the requirements of a modern children's and youth theatre. The aim is to create a place that offers space for creative development and is at the same time inviting and unique.

The redesign of the Zoogesellschaftshaus

The architects attached great importance to preserving the historic building cubature of the Zoogesellschaftshaus and restoring the original, spacious fa├žade structure. At the same time, the inner structure of the building is to be brought into line with the use of the children's and youth theater. Particular attention was paid to the multiple orientations of the solitaire building and the creation of a central motif axis from the forecourt to the zoo grounds.

The main entrance will remain on Alfred-Brehm-Platz and will become a prominent address for the new theatre. In the direction of the Zoological Garden, the building has a delicate design that underscores its representative character. Inside, installations and additions from the post-war period are largely being dismantled in order to make the original generosity of the house tangible again.

3D Visualization: Jugendtheater
loomn | Exterior view: Youth theater
3D Architecture Visualization: Jugendtheater
loomn | Interior view: Youth theater

The theater atrium

An open space for creative development The newly added daylight-flooded atrium, which forms the heart of the children's and youth theater, plays a central role. The opening of the central visual axis creates an inviting space that offers visitors orientation and creates visual connections. The atrium can be used flexibly and serves as an event and action zone as well as a foyer for the halls. Movable partition walls allow the two independently playable space stages to be used either individually or together. The theater atrium will become a versatile place of communication and interaction that will inspire visitors of all ages.

A look into the future

When planning the children's and youth theater in the Zoogesellschaftshaus Frankfurt, the architects also kept the needs of future visitors in mind. The theater should be a place that offers space for creative development and can adapt to changing requirements.

Thanks to the flexible design of the theater atrium, various display variants can be implemented. This means that both large productions with both halls and smaller performances in one of the halls are possible. The moveable partitions serve as a partition between the large hall and the entrance hall or the bistro. This flexibility allows the children and youth theater to offer a wide range of events and to adapt to different age groups and needs.

In addition, the theater atrium extends the foyer and offers an inviting space for encounters and interactions.

It opens views through the entire building and allows views of the adjacent green space of the zoo. Visitors can not only enjoy the performances, but also linger in an inspiring environment before and after the performances. In order to ensure the comfort of the visitors, the skylight of the atrium will be equipped with blackout blinds in order to adjust the lighting conditions as required. In this way, the events can be optimally staged, regardless of the time of day.

The new children's and youth theater in the Zoogesellschaftshaus Frankfurt successfully combines history and the future. The listed building structure is respectfully preserved and merged with modern design. The open and changeable design of the theater atrium creates an inviting atmosphere and allows for a variety of performances. The theater becomes a place where young visitors can immerse themselves in the world of theater and develop their creativity. With this project, the Zoogesellschaftshaus will become a prominent address for children's and young people's theater in Frankfurt am Main, while at the same time offering a unique place for encounters and inspiration. It is a successful combination of art and architecture that enriches the city's cultural wealth and gives young people the opportunity to discover their passion for theatre.