Belsenpark II Dusseldorf

Kister Scheithauer Gross Architects

As part of a structural engineering competition, PANDION Rheinland I GmbH & Co.KG is planning the construction of a mixed-use high-rise in the Belsenpark district in cooperation with the state capital of Düsseldorf. The aim of this competition is to find a uniform and high-quality solution that meets the high demands of the exposed location in the planning area. The article takes a look at the challenges of a contemporary high-rise building and the function of the building as a concise urban building block.

The vision of Belsenpark II

The Belsenpark II, as the end point of the overall development of the Belsenpark, is located at the western end and borders directly on the Brussels street in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. The planned high-rise should serve as a self-confident conclusion and develop as an independent urban building block with different uses on a defined construction site. A height development of up to 90 meters is planned in order to regulate the trend towards high-rise buildings and to ensure harmonious integration into the skyline on the left bank of the Rhine.

Visualization: Belsenpark
loomn | Outside view: Belsenpark II
Visualization: Belsenpark
loomn | Outside view: Belsenpark II

Demands on design and functionality

The exposed location in the planning area requires a coordinated solution that does justice to both the private and the (partially) public open spaces. The high-rise should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functionally integrated into the urban environment. The guidelines for planning competitions (RPW) form the basis for the requirements for a high-quality solution that takes into account both living and working areas in the quarter.

The competition and its peculiarities

The structural engineering competition asks the participants to consider a maximum height of 90 meters in order to blend in harmoniously with the skyline on the left bank of the Rhine. However, this specification also allows lower building heights in order to create a harmonious picture with the adjacent Vodafone high-rise building. The urban planning office HJP Stadtplaner und Architekten Partnerschaft has already drawn up an urban framework plan that serves as the basis for the competition designs.

The Belsenpark II in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel promises to be a contemporary high-rise as a concise urban building block. The structural competition places high demands on the design quality, the functional integration into the urban environment and the balance between private and public open spaces. The development of the high-rise offers the opportunity to positively shape the cityscape of Düsseldorf and to regulate the dynamic development of the real estate market with the trend towards high-rise construction.