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3D Architecture Visualization: Gelfingen Center
loomn | Exterior view: Center Gelfingen

The district of Gelfingen lies at a crossroads between the roads to Beinwil am See, Hitzkirch and Hochdorf. It belongs to the political municipality of Hitzkirch and has almost grown together with Hitzkirch, so that it is difficult to see where Gelfingen ends and Hitzkirch begins. Heidegg Castle, the landmark of the Lucerne Lake Valley, towers over Gelfingen. The most striking building in the village itself is the grain silo. In the centre, two private developers are planning to develop the "Am Brunnen" and "Neumühle" sites.

The aim of the project is to create architecturally high-quality new buildings that are compatible with the townscape, as well as quality open spaces in the centre of Gelfingen, through a joint project competition between architects and landscape architects. The aim is to find sustainable solutions to revitalise the centre. The developers want to fulfil their own spatial needs with the new buildings and find an architectural language that fits in with the townscape. In addition, the upgrading of the open spaces should improve the quality of stay in the centre.

The project competition offers the unique opportunity to determine the building volumes, their positioning and use with the help of a quality-assuring process. Currently, only two existing buildings (Käserei and Neumühle) are reminiscent of a desired quality, but they cannot form a centre. The open spaces at the railway station and on the "Am Brunnen" site are not connected. The striking grain silo characterises the local townscape. The project competition is intended to place these valuable buildings in a new context together with an open space concept.

The developers are striving for an optimal use along the main road and in the vicinity of the railway station. A balance is to be found between maximum acceptable volume and the requirements of the townscape. Commercial uses are planned on the ground floor and residential uses on the upper floors, taking into account the quality of the location. Shops near the railway station are suitable, while less public-oriented shops are realistic on the "Am Brunnen" site due to the limited access. The flats along the main road are aimed at both middle-income households and 1-2 persons as well as families. Flats at the railway station have a higher income potential due to the unobstructed view of Lake Baldegg.

Architecture Visualization: Gelfingen Center
loomn | Facade view: Center Gelfingen
Visualization: Gelfingen Cente
loomn | Facade view: Center Gelfingen
3D Visualization: Gelfingen Center
loomn | Exterior view: Center Gelfingen