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3D Architecture Visualization: Kantbau
loomn | Exterior view: Kantbau

Immanuel Kant, one of the most important thinkers of the Enlightenment and the most famous East Prussian, will be honored with a unique exhibition in Lüneburg in 2024, just in time for his 300th birthday. This exhibition will be the first permanent exhibition on Kant in the Federal Republic and is intended to give the general public a comprehensive insight into the life and thinking of this outstanding philosopher.

The idea for the exhibition came about in 2016, when the East Prussian State Museum in Lüneburg received an important Kant collection on permanent loan from the former Kant Museum city of Königsberg in Duisburg. Thanks to this collection, Kant can now be experienced not only as a historical figure, but also as a person. However, the exhibition will not only aim to present Kant as a person, but above all to explore his thinking and its relevance for our contemporary world.

The exhibition is designed with staging, interactive elements and multimedia stations to give visitors direct access to Kant's philosophy. In the spirit of Kant's motto of "thinking for yourself", visitors should be encouraged to deal with his ideas and draw their own conclusions. The East Prussian State Museum will thus become a central place for the memory of Immanuel Kant in Germany.

Special mention is also made of Kant's home town of Königsberg, which played an inspiring and formative role in his life. The influence of this city on his thinking and philosophy is also addressed in the exhibition.

In order to realize the exhibition, an extension called "Kantbau" will be built directly next to the existing museum building of the East Prussian State Museum. The Kantbau will have a usable area of ​​around 500 square meters and will offer space for the exhibition and accompanying events.

The project is financed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the state of Lower Saxony. The project is managed by Dr. Joachim Mähnert, director of the East Prussian State Museum, while Dr. Tim Kunze works as a curator.

The opening of the Kant exhibition in 2024 will undoubtedly be a momentous event, honoring Kant as one of the pre-eminent figures of European modernism and making his legacy accessible to a wide audience. The exhibition will encourage visitors to reflect on Kant's ideas and strengthen their own critical thinking skills - a valuable message that is also of great importance in our world today.

3D Visualization: Kantbau
loomn | Interior view: Kantbau