Quarter Roseyres Yverdon Les Bains

TRIBU architecture

Quarter Roseyres, a new neighbourhood in the district of Les Iles. The Roseyres site is located on the southern edge of Yverdon-les-Bains in Switzerland. The currently undeveloped site formed the outskirts of Yverdon-les-Bains until recently. With the development of the Aux Iles department and the completion of the southern section of the main agglomeration axis, the Roseyres site is now at the centre of an area undergoing major change. The Aux Iles district, which is well equipped with sports and school infrastructure and has good transport links, was to be densified to meet the growing demand for housing, with the new Roseyres district taking shape in this context. In this context, an architectural competition was launched in which many renowned architectural firms participated. The development of this sector is an essential part of the consideration of transport issues within the agglomeration project, which has improved services in the region through soft transport and public transport, as well as more direct car transport services in the region.

In response to traffic growth, the Yverdon-Sud motorway exit restricts the routes of the urban and regional bus networks. From the point of view of sustainable land-use planning, a large proportion of new residents must settle in towns and built-up areas in order to limit the expansion of the territory and the increase in transport demand. The aim of the Les Roseyres district plan is to create a diverse and high-quality housing for around 1,220 residents and almost a hundred jobs on a surface area of 61,100 m². The project is expected to be built in three phases. The area will mainly be used for medium-sized collective housing, but will also offer local services and shops. A large park of 8,700 m² equipped with sports and semi-public facilities (kindergarten, community lounge) and services (small shops and activities compatible with main residential uses) is also planned. The planning density has a Land Use Index (LUI) of approximately 1.06.

3D Architecture Visualization: Quartier Yverdon
loomn | Exterior view: Quartier Yverdon
3D Visualization: Quartier Yverdon
loomn | Interior view: Quartier Yverdon

The development of this new area is aligned with the development of the main axis of the collection area. It provides for the construction of a mixed-use sidewalk/bicycle path that has its own right of way. The path is widened in the southern part of the district and provides a rest area. Additional footbridges will be constructed to allow pedestrians to cross the street and reach the neighbourhood in complete safety. Permeability for surrounding areas and services (such as technology parks and island sports centres) will be provided through multiple pedestrian and bicycle connections. The entrance to the underground car park is located between Rue de Graveline and Chemin des Roseyres. As the Roseyres site is located within already built-up areas, the development must take into account the urban structure and the surrounding natural environment to form the future boundary of the city.

Greenery is provided to create a degree of permeability and to ensure openings in the landscape. The perimeter is surrounded on three sides by already built-up areas. The construction of the south-western city road will cut off the affected area from the agricultural land behind it and reinforce existing public transport lines. As a professional agency for architectural visualisations, Loomn created several 3D images for the architectural firm Tribu from Lausanne. This gave the jury detailed impressions of the exterior views, parks and flats. This helped to ultimately win the competition. In the further development of the project, Loomn created even more visualisations to get the best possible impression of the future Roseyres neighbourhood.

Architecture Visualization: Quartier Yverdon
loomn | Exterior view: Quartier Yverdon